Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mary Fallin's Family Values Hurt Oklahoma Children

Merry Christmas Oklahoma!!  Just in time for celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior we've got a Governor showing her good Christian values by screwing children and families.  Well done, Mary.... well done.

Remember that one time Mary said that she was the most qualified candidate because she was a mother?  We always questioned her family values, and now as it turns out she's actually making choices that hurt newborns and those starting families.

"Governor Mary Fallin and Insurance Commissioner John Doak created and signed an emergency rule (365:10-1-15) eliminating birth as a "qualifying event" for individual healthcare coverage."  Says the Oklahoma Democratic Party in a press release.

"She claims to be pro-life and in one single moment she puts the life of every single newborn in danger and every family into potential bankruptcy...as a member of the clergy, I find her actions immoral," ODP Vice Chair Dana Orwig stated.
 While you're looking at your children or grandchildren opening presents on Sunday morning, think about how hard it would have been on your budget for insurance not to cover their birth, or your c-section, or if your children had complications.  Now insurance companies in Oklahoma don't have to worry about covering you and your family and children.  Hey... whatever brings in more business, right?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In Defense of Christina Fallin

Yesterday the Oklahoma Truth Council posted a video and a critique of a photo shoot done at the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion by the daughter of Governor Mary Fallin.  The video and likely the photos depict the First Daughter in a see through dress with under cloths visible, very alternative clothing, and prancing about the mansion for the shoot.

This was as part of Twenty Something Magazine's recognition of Christina Fallin as the woman of the month for the magazine.  Twenty Something seems to be an arts/fashion/style magazine that emphasizes "urban chic" women and stuff….. The video has since been removed - but not before someone grabbed their own copy and posted it back online.

Here's the thing about this photo-shoot:  Was it inappropriate to do it at the Governor's Mansion with the mansion as a backdrop?  Yes.  Absolutely.  But does Christina Fallin have the right to be as alternative and scantily clad as she wants?  Absolutely - in fact we encourage it.

Christina Fallin wasn't the one who ran for office under a "Faith, Family and Freedom" banner and we shouldn't hold her to the same standards as we would hold her mother's "hypothetical" offering of hotel room keys to people at conventions.  Christina didn't cheat on her husband with a state trooper hired to protect her.  She didn't molest or sexually harass a Congressional Page, nor did she try and get some man on man action from an undercover cop in a bathroom stall.  She put on some cloths that conservatives would have a problem with and took photos.  And if her mother didn't try to pretend like the good Christian wife and mother all the time, most people probably wouldn't have a problem with it other than it was done on "The People's" property…. 

Here's the thing that I've learned in watching Christine Fallin over the last few years.  She's either too politically stupid not to get in trouble - or she honestly doesn't give a shit.  Or I suppose she could be intentionally doing things to give her mother the finger.  Which… if I were Christina Fallin and my mother had cheated on my dad, destroyed our family, was too focused on her own political career to care about her family, and had a weird obsession with plastic surgery… I'd probably act out in efforts to get her back too.  So if she's doing that - I salute you, Christina, because you got totally screwed over in your life and your childhood.

While I'm sure liberals and comedians like to poke fun at Christina Fallin for her shocking taste, either in photo-shoot wardrobe options or wedding photography - she's not weird she's just different.  She's artistic, clearly fashion conscious and enjoys the creativity of being a fashionista, and neither of those characteristics really fit in well in Oklahoma's jeans and t-shirts world.  She's more downtown and we're more hometown.  There's nothing wrong with that - it's just different.

Where Christina will get in trouble is as she tries to make her own "political" career. As a lobbyist or "Huddelston's event planner" … we're not really sure what she does for him now… she's going to be held to a higher standard than if she were just a normal kid doing a normal non-political job. People in politics who speak out of both sides of their mouths generally get owned by the other side pretty quickly.   But because she's involved in the political world and her mother is the Governor she's going to catch much higher flack for anything she does that is outside of the norm.  

Christina Fallin is missing her potential.  She doesn't belong in politics she clearly belongs somewhere much more alternative and creative where her artistic talents can shine.  I continue to also encourage her to do a spread with the Suicide Girls

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Last Week to File Bills: Fallin in the Bahamas and State House Working Part Time

Release from the OK Democratic Party - photo found on DemoOkie

While hardworking Oklahomans put in long hours to provide for their families, Governor Fallin is taking an exotic vacation to the Bahamas and GOP leaders in the House and Senate are vowing to take it easy.

According to the Tulsa World, Fallin spokesman Alex Weintz said the governor left Saturday afternoon for the Bahamas with her husband and three of their children. Meanwhile, the state of Oklahoma is burning and House Republicans are spiraling out of control.  Just this week, Rep. Randy Terrill (R-Moore) has been reprimanded by the House of Representatives for violently threatening to break the Speaker of the House’s leg and referring to him as a mentally handicapped person. Fallin is expected to return to the state Thursday afternoon or evening.

This vacation is taking place during bill deadline week -- a time during legislative session where traditionally, all hands are on deck to get all bills filed. Instead, the state Senate has elected to adjourn Wednesday and the state house is choosing to meet from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. In previous years, House and Senate members have worked until midnight during deadline week. House Floor Leader Daniel Sullivan (R-Tulsa) said, "I don't plan to stay late. If bills are not heard within the time allowed, they will not be heard”.

Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Todd Goodman was appalled by the Republican party’s behavior.  “While most Oklahomans rise early and work hard everyday to put a roof over their family’s heads and food on the table, the GOP leadership sees fit to kick up their heels and throw up their hands. These are not the values Oklahomans expect from their elected officials. We have a budget crisis to solve and all state agencies are having to make tough financial decisions.”

Goodman also added, “The Governor taking an exotic vacation, less than three months after she took the oath of office, during filing week and during a state of emergency is downright irresponsible.”

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Libya of the US could be Oklahoma

Are you tired of living under a dictatorship in the middle east?  Long for representative democracy or heck even a parliamentary government might even seem nice to Egyptians.  Then come to Oklahoma!!  Here we have the dictatorship you love to hate but it's masked with a Constitution and State House of Representatives.   So you'll feel right at home while still feeling like you're moving forward.

The Senate voted 25-19 on Monday to send to a vote of the people a proposal to make seven of the 11 statewide elected officials appointees of the governor. If approved, the governor would appoint all three corporation commissioners, the state treasurer, superintendent, labor commissioner and insurance commissioner. The Senate would have to confirm the appointees.
Sen. Cliff Aldridge, R-Choctaw, said the proposal was designed to "put some power behind the governor."

It is unclear if she would be prefer being made a Queen or a dictator.  We assume a Queen since she kinda acts like that already.  This is all part of the new Republican Plan to get folks to come to Oklahoma with the catchy motto:  Welcome to Oklahoma - F*ck You.

Hope she's having fun in the Bahamas!  Cant believe she didn't choose to vacation in state where we need the tourism dollars. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oklahoma's Economic Crisis Spurs Gov's VayKay

ala NewsOK

"Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb is serving as the state's chief executive. Gov. Mary Fallin and her family are taking a vacation. She will be back in the office Thursday, a spokesman said."

When the going gets tough... the tough go on vacation.  Stand strong, Governor Fallin, don't let Governor Todd feel too much at home.  We're hearing he's VERY ambitious and thinks you're unfit.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fallin's Government Polices Itself

This morning's news has an interesting piece about the inability for Oklahoma to enforce it's sunshine laws to create a more open government, because its law enforcement (DA's etc..) are too busy trying to solve murders and drug trafficking and other such things.  The result is a corrupt government at all levels.

The best part comes from Governor Fallin's general counsel - emphasis mine:

Last year during her gubernatorial campaign, Gov. Mary Fallin addressed a gathering of open government advocates during Sunshine Week. She pledged to designate someone in her office to handle open records matters and to advise department heads to comply with open records and meeting laws.

Judy Copeland, Fallin’s general counsel, said she is filling that role. But Copeland’s authority is limited to executive agencies.

“When you start talking about city councils, I think that would be beyond what the governor would have any authority over if she wanted to,” Copeland said.

You've got to love it when your own government is policing itself... it seems to be so effective and efficient. But at least it's cheap, right?  It we're not holding our own employees accountable to the law then we don't have to pay for trials and lawyers and people to replace them... so just think of it as government transparency being cut for budget reasons.  Corruption is so much more economical.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cuts Just Don't Cut It

If you're reading any sort of news lately then you've probably heard of the deep and serious cuts that Republicans not just Governor Mary Fallin, but everyone across the country wants.  Government is bad... we should cut it...

Despite Fallin's acceptance of lots and lots and lots of federal money she's still carrying the banner of cutting government.  Well - in a new Washington Post op-ed you can see that cuts.... just ain't gonna cut it.

"Independent economic analysts, including from the investment firm Goldman Sachs - hardly known for liberal or bleeding-heart tendencies - have concluded that the $61 billion in current-year budget cuts being demanded by House Republicans will shave up to two percentage points off the nation's growth rate and cause the loss of more than half a million jobs."
Hurm.... maybe it's time to start thinking about cutting something that makes a little more sense.  Just sayin...

According to the piece:
"After slamming Democrats for not focusing on "jobs, jobs, jobs," Republicans have decided to ignore their own winning message in favor of "cuts, cuts, cuts." This is bad economics - and bad politics. . ."

This is because it turns out that
"When asked whether government, in general, is trying to do too much or not doing enough, 51 percent said government should do more. That's not exactly a mandate for slashing federal, state and municipal programs and trying to turn public employees into a caste of untouchables. . .
"A pretty impressive 40 percent said that "the deficit and government spending" should be considered the federal government's No. 1 or No. 2 task. But a far more impressive 56 percent said that "job creation and economic growth" should be given first or second priority. "

But leaders like Governor Mary Fallin aren't listening to the people whether Americans or Oklahomans, she's listening to a small subset of her party that just happens to be the loudest.  Instead Mary talks about "creating jobs" and then in the same breath talks about consolidation (which cuts jobs), cutting spending (more jobs), cutting the income tax which cuts funding for... you guessed it... people's jobs, and bringing more business to Oklahoma (bringing more out of state workers for Oklahoma jobs).  You go girl!  Create those jobs!  How many net jobs has Governor Mary Fallin created so far?  Anyone got a tally?

While normal everyday Oklahomans who are lucky enough to go to work each morning, drive on pathetic roads, pay for overpriced gasoline while subsidizing oil companies, scrimp for food grown in other countries, and pay for pathetic systems of education while their children are squeezed into classrooms like sardines in a can.

When you cross that state line imagine hearing our new motto coming from the Oklahoma Capitol with every vote that is passed:  Welcome to Oklahoma.... F*ck You.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Obscenely High Salaries Paid by Oklahoma Tax Payers

Bryn wrote on our facebook page but the emphasis is ours:

"1) The Governor of Oklahoma makes a salary of $140,000 annually.  While that's $25,000 a year lower than her congressional salary, it still ranks as the 16th highest salary of a governor in the U.S For a state with a population under four million people, that is consistently ranked in the bottom 10 of everything including education, why are we paying more for governors who haven't done a damn thing to put Oklahoma on the map for something GOOD except sports teams?!

2) Secondly, the OU Daily ran an article earlier this month about David Boren's salary and compensation as president of OU.  It tops the national average for college presidents.   
OU Daily (February 25, 2011) has an article "President David Boren’s total pay much higher than reported" to cover addition compensation Boren receives from serving on corporate boards, etc.  
Being the cost of education is out of control, and pursuing a college degree can mean years of debt to pay off loans, how do you justify such a salary?  Boren makes almost as much money as Harvard's president.  Harvard is a private university that has been at the top of everybody's 'best list' for about as long as it's been in existence.

Why does a man with no children, a free home and lots of money need to have his ego continually stroked by the hard earned dollars of Oklahoma's hoi polloi?

3) OU Football Coach Bob Stoops is the highest paid college football coach in America according to Education in Review.  After his 10 year anniversary as coach in 2008, he received a $3 million one-time payment.  
•Bob Stoops – University of Oklahoma $4,303,000
•Urban Meyer – University of Florida $4,000,000
•Nick Saban – University of Alabama $3,900,000
•Les Miles – Louisiana State University $3,751,000
•Jim Tressel – Ohio State University $3,722,000
•Mark Richt – University of Georgia $3,096,576
•Mack Brown – University of Texas $3,060,500
•Kirk Ferentz – University of Iowa $3,024,500
•Bobby Petrino – University of Arkansas $2,858,000
•Jeff Tedford – University of California $2,807,500

I rest my case.  There's a lot of fat in the Oklahoma budget that can be cut.  But we can't afford to take care of infrastructure, have quality schools, or provide healthcare while these people live like princes and princesses in a state with one of the Nation's lowest costs of living?"
Bryn makes a good point.  I love OU and I love football but everyone needs to make sacrifices in this troubling economy right?  Why is it we only ask the middle class to make "sacrifices" and not the rich.  I love David Boren - a hell of a lot more than Dan Boren by the way, but this is excessive.  Similarly Bob Stoops is Oklahoma's rock star but my tax dollars pay his salary and as long as I'm having to make sacrifices ... so can he.

Letter to Fallin from an Oklahoma

Posted on our Facebook Page:
An open letter to Gov. fallin:

To the Honorable Gov. Mary Fallin,

I read with interest your remarks regarding the move-up date for state healthcare plans. I would like to know what efforts you have made to ensure 'Oklahoma remains on the front edge when it comes to health care?'

What exactly is 'front edge' health policy for Oklahomans who rank highest in negative health behaviors according to the CDC?

Gov. Fallin with a shorter deadline to provide a plan that covers as many Oklahomans 'as affordability and comprehensively as the Affordable Care Act does, without increasing the deficit' and your vote of confidence that your efforts are front edge, could you please share your plan with me and my fellow Oklahomans?

Denise Ashley

Posters: Do your civic duty and write a letter to the governor or contact her through her e mail on the government site. Fax. A phone call will more than likely net you the secretary who must relay your message. Do it!

Monday, February 28, 2011

BlueOK Takes Fallin to Task for being Dim Bulb

Ala BlueOklahoma
Last April, in the throes of her gubernatorial campaign, Gov. Mary Fallin made her opposition to the new health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act, a major part of her campaign.
In a press release, Fallin said then:
While Brad Henry sits on the sidelines, Drew Edmondson has now refused to join 19 other states in the bipartisan legal challenge to ObamaCare. His lack of leadership has actually forced the Oklahoma Legislature to hire an outside law firm to represent our state in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the bill.

Once governor, Fallin didn't hesitate to bring legal action against "ObamaCare." As she told a television interviewer in January:
The new federal health care bill is actually in violation of Oklahoma's constitution because Oklahoma's constitution now has an amendment through the health care freedom amendment that says that no law, no rule shall force Oklahomans, whether it's Oklahomans, businesses or health care providers, to join into a health care system, and that's in direct violation of the Oklahoma constitution. So we're going to challenge it on our own merits as Oklahoma.

Well we all know what happened yesterday don't we?  

That's right... good old Mary took a big bailout from the feds to pay for the health care service that she said was unfunded.  So now that it's funded... it isn't clear if she'll be continuing the lawsuit.  Or what's up with that....  

Thing about Mary.... she use to say that she focused like a laser on these issues but it's kinda hard to do that when you're a dim bulb.  Just sayin....