Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mary Fallin's Family Values Hurt Oklahoma Children

Merry Christmas Oklahoma!!  Just in time for celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior we've got a Governor showing her good Christian values by screwing children and families.  Well done, Mary.... well done.

Remember that one time Mary said that she was the most qualified candidate because she was a mother?  We always questioned her family values, and now as it turns out she's actually making choices that hurt newborns and those starting families.

"Governor Mary Fallin and Insurance Commissioner John Doak created and signed an emergency rule (365:10-1-15) eliminating birth as a "qualifying event" for individual healthcare coverage."  Says the Oklahoma Democratic Party in a press release.

"She claims to be pro-life and in one single moment she puts the life of every single newborn in danger and every family into potential bankruptcy...as a member of the clergy, I find her actions immoral," ODP Vice Chair Dana Orwig stated.
 While you're looking at your children or grandchildren opening presents on Sunday morning, think about how hard it would have been on your budget for insurance not to cover their birth, or your c-section, or if your children had complications.  Now insurance companies in Oklahoma don't have to worry about covering you and your family and children.  Hey... whatever brings in more business, right?

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